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They Said, “It’s Over” – Jesus said, “No, It Is Finished!”

| Hope

God works amazingly good things through disappointment. At the moment that the disciples hung their heads in disappointment and said, “it’s over”, Jesus bowed his head and said, “it is finished.”

Our GREATEST GOOD was accomplished in what seemed to be the DARKEST HOUR!

Are there disappointments that have shaken your faith? Have you been tempted to be cynical – to think that you tried trusting God and it didn’t work? Are you facing an 11th hour, or maybe you feel like the 11th hour has come and gone.

Trust in your heavenly Father. Trust that He is using that disappointment as a divine appointment to direct you where He wants you. Believe the promises of God in the face of circumstances that seem to contradict those promises! Don’t give up. Your best is ahead of you.


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