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June 9th, 2024  “The Three Dimensions of God’s Purpose.”
June 10, 2024

Thank you, each of you, for gracing us with your presence on this beautiful Sunday morning. May God’s presence, grace, and Word touch your life profoundly and personally today. We all want to know our purpose. We are undoubtedly unique, but have you ever asked yourself why? Our gifts and talents collide with our passions,…

May 19th, 2024 – God’s Strategy for Restoration
May 23, 2024

Thank you for joining us on this beautiful Sunday morning. Today's message is for all who have struggled with failure: A Failure Lapse—Not A Collapse. Let us find solace in this biblical principle: A believer’s failure is never for their destruction but for their development, a reassurance in God's strategy for restoration! To Give online…

May 22, 2024 Trust Unlocks Love
May 23, 2024

At the heart of this message is the profound concept of love. Imagine love as a bicycle with two wheels: One is NEEDED, and the other is KNOWN. These wheels symbolize our two essential longings: the pursuit of our desires and understanding our purpose. Irrespective of our individuality, each of us plays a crucial role…

April 28, 2024 “Open My Eyes To See”
May 22, 2024

Please forgive us. For the first 22 minutes of this service, we had technical difficulties. We recovered the audio, and God moved powerfully. Nothing would keep us from getting this "word" out because God wanted His people to be encouraged. Words cannot express my gratitude and heart for the honor of bringing God’s word to…

April 21, 2024 “Second Chances- Changed Hearts.”
May 22, 2024

The amazing story of Joseph and his brothers who wanted to see him die, but God had a different plan for Joseph, and yes, for the very brothers who wanted him dead. This is a powerful story of second chances and changed hearts. Joseph gave his brothers a second chance, but God gave them changed…

April 14, 2024 “Rediscovering My Why!”
May 22, 2024

Some of you have felt like you’re just going day to day, and you need to find some purpose for your life! Jesus, after a long night of fishing, met with the disciples. His words were not just for them but for all who have lost their sense of purpose. As you listen, may it…


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