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Our purpose above all else is to share God’s amazing love with those who need it most. God saved us so that He can use us to reach others.

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We believe the role of the church is to bring hope and healing to those who are hurting. We aren’t here to point out all the mistakes and wrongdoings that we certainly all have, but to love you as you are and help you heal so that we can all grow together and become even better versions of who God created us to be. Let’s all grow together and help each other be more like Him.

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Our messages and our open approach to sharing vulnerably is meant to inspire, teach and be applicable to your life. A life walked with God is full of ups and downs and victories and challenges. We hope that our messages provide help to you as you navigate your ever-changing walk with God.

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We also hope to encourage and equip you to take what you learn and spread it to those around you who need it. God wants to use all of us, no matter what we do for a living, to share His love with a hurting world. Most people will never be reached by coming to church, but by God’s people, YOU, being an extension of His love to your friends, neighbors, classmates and coworkers. The Gathering Place is here to love you, support you, and help you grow so you can help somebody else.



We value every single one of us and know that each of us has a story. We believe in being vulnerable with one another and embracing our story so God can use it to heal us and to help us grow. We are about family, both natural and spiritual. We are about providing an atmosphere for everyone to strengthen their relationship with God and with other believers. Together, we can learn and grow to be all that God has designed for us to be.

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Join Us for Worship

No matter where you are, we can share God’s love together, every Sunday.