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My Morning Devotion- Lessons From Psalm 4

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King David and the way he responds to suffering. Here’s a quick summary:

1- In times of trouble, it’s helpful to remember with specificity the past acts of God’s relieving mercy and grace.

2- When suffering enters our door, we should be angry, but our anger should be motivated by the law of God, not the law of self.

3- In moments of pain, it might be better to be silent, because we have a track record of hurting others with our words.

4- Worship is rarely sweeter and more heartfelt than in times of trial, because God is often in the process of removing physical treasures that compete with Himself for the captivation of our heart.

5- One of the last things we think about during our suffering is ministering to others, but we’re called by God (and enabled by grace) to do just that!


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