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“When God Turns a Setback Into a Comeback” – Part 5

Happy Sunday and THANK YOU for tuning into today’s message, “When Setbacks Feel Like Failures.

Most of my years in ministry were deemed successful. Having built a great church by the grace of God. Having written two bestselling Christian books, having traveled to many nations speaking at major churches and conferences.

Life was glorious from my professional perspective. I seemed to have everything I wanted, but it all came with a price. I learned many of my friendships were superficial, but I was too busy to care. My faith was shallow, but it seemed good enough.

My seemingly perfect life had taken a huge turn. My struggles forced me to lean on God, and I learned to adjust to a different life, one that was less in the limelight, yet fulfilling my purpose. Just different priorities and accolades.

So grateful for you. Happy Sunday and THANK YOU for standing with us, especially in this transition. My heart is so grateful for you.


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