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I Am My Relationships

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I Am My Relationships?

God created us to be social beings. His plan, from day one, was for us to live in meaningful community with one another. Our relationships are so important to God that He positioned the command for us to love one another as second only to the call to love Him (Matthew 22:37-39).

Many of us look to other people to do the one thing they were never designed to do – GIVE US IDENTITY. This is dangerous because no flawed person can ever be your rock and fortress. No sinner can give you a consistent reason for hope. Sooner or later, everyone around you will fail you, as you will fail for them.

But there’s an even greater danger here… As you look to this person for identity, you’re not really loving them, you’re loving you. We have turned the second great commandment on its head.

Instead of serving people because we love them, we are willing to serve them so that they will love us. This kind of parasitic relationship is never healthy.


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