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Hello My Name Is Forgiven and Free

| Identity

Hello, my name is Harsh. Hurtful. Unkind. Unwanted. Not enough. Rejected.

Shame has a sneaky way of writing big, bold, imaginary words across our foreheads, naming us by the ways we’ve messed up, the ways others have hurt us, or circumstances we can’t change.

Shame can move from a feeling of embarrassment, regret or fear of exposure to a weighty label, an identifier, a lens through which you view yourself and through which you perceive others’ see you.

More dangerously, it can be a lens through which you perceive God’s view of you. Unwanted. Unlovable. Unclean. Unworthy. Unredeemable.

The beauty of the Gospel is this: In Christ, we called to step into a new identity, “Hello My Name Is Forgiven and Free.”


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