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Don’t Be 100% Open With Just Anybody

| Choices

As believers, fully loved and accepted, we know our worth has been established. The depth of our being has been defined as one loved by God. That is the absolute truth, no matter what happens the rest of our days.

This gives us the courage to risk. It absolutely doesn’t take away the pain of being hurt by another human, but it does give us the bravery to say, “I know who I am. I know that I’m loved. I can risk some pain, because I know the One who will be with me all the way, and I know what He says is true about me. I am worthy and loved, just as I am, no matter what happens.”

I learned the hard way, don’t just open up with anyone. Be wise on WHO you call a SAFE place. Trust is built slowly over time, through the small moments and the big ones.

This is a slow road, taken with a few trusted others. And yes, even if you are wise and careful, those trusted others will, at times, hurt you. It’s the nature of being human. But you will find that the time spent enjoying the sunshine of being truly known and loved will far out-weigh the days in the rain when hurt happens.


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