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“When God Turns a Setback Into a Comeback” – Part 4

Thank you for tuning into today’s message, “WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE THROWING IN THE TOWEL”.

Throughout history, humanity has struggled with the problem of discouragement. There are degrees of discouragement ranging from mild to extreme. Some people experience prolonged and more debilitating discouragement, which is called depression or a state of despondency.

Depression is always an emotional reality; sometimes a biological one and, always has a spiritual component.

Discouragement has a way of sucking the wind out of our sails! It deflates our hope and crushes our spirit. When we’re discouraged we tend to focus on how we feel. But the remedy for discouragement is far more than an emotional change.

Despair is always colorblind; it can only see the dark tints. Discouragement can blind us to all the encouraging things that matter in life.

So grateful for you. Happy Sunday and THANK YOU for standing with us, especially in this transition. My heart is so grateful for you.


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