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“When God Turns a Setback Into a Comeback” – Part 2

Thank you for tuning into today’s message, “God Is Not Through With You!”
God is bringing you to the end of yourself, because there’s a new assignment coming. IT’S NOT OVER!!!

This is Part-2 “When Setbacks Become Comebacks.”
A setback is a loss of progress, a defeat of a plan, or a reversal of good fortune. In other words, it’s anything that sets you back that is a setback. And I believe with all my heart that God is engineering some great comebacks. Every setback is a setup for a comeback.

Today, I will finish sharing the practical steps God uses to REFILL your life with HOPE when you’ve hit bottom and your tank is emotionally empty.

I am really excited about today. So grateful for you. Happy Sunday and THANK YOU for standing with us, especially in this transition. My heart is so grateful for you.


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