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You Have Never Spoken A Neutral Word In Your Life

| Choices

The book of Proverbs is, in ways, a discourse on words spoken. I would summarize it this way: words give life; words bring death — you choose.

What does this mean? It means you have never spoken a neutral word in your life. Words have direction to them. If our words are moving in the life direction, they will be words of encouragement, hope, love, peace, unity, instruction, wisdom, and correction.

But if our words are moving in a death direction, they will be words of anger, malice, slander, jealousy, gossip, division, contempt, racism, violence, judgment, and condemnation.

Our words have direction to them. When we hear the word ‘talk’ we ought to hear something that is high and holy and significant and important.

May God help us never to look at talk as something that doesn’t matter!


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