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Wisdom knows when to step back in the relationship.

| Choices, Relationships

There is a time to stand for God and disconnect from a bad cause. When someone asks you to do something that goes against your conviction or immoral, illegal, or something that clearly goes against God’s word, then it’s time to step away. You don’t even need to pray about it. It’s time to pull back on the relationship, and not stand with them in that wrong thing.

There are people whose lives are destroyed by associating with the wrong people.
One of the sad realities of life is that there are relationships that the only way to maintain health is to draw distinct boundaries, to pull back from them, sometimes even to not associate with them.

If you can influence them towards godliness, do it. But sometimes, they’re not open to your influence. Sometimes they’re going to do what they’re going to do and want to suck you into it and wisdom says, pull back. Don’t be associated with that.

It’s a good thing to be a peace-maker, it’s not a good thing to be a “peace-at-all-costs-maker”.


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