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Why Would God Ever Answer Me?

| Prayer

Why Would God Ever Answer Me?

I never get used to the moment-by-moment miracle of prayer. It’s an amazing thing that God would ever even once listen to me, let alone answer!

Prayer finds its hope not in the qualifications of the one praying, but in the character and plan of the God who is hearing. He answers because of who He is. He answers because of what He is doing. He answers because He loves to see us come, and He loves to provide just the grace for that moment.

Today meditate on His Love… His eyes look out for us and His ears are always attentive to our cries. His love invites us to bring our cares to Him, and He assures us that He really does care for us.

He is love, and He loves to exercise His power and glory to meet the needs of His struggling children!


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