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Why It’s Hard To Trust People

| Relationships

For many it’s difficult to trust people, especially when you’ve been hurt, which can bleed into trusting God and others. Yet, God wants you to trust Him and others, so they can experience who you really are where you are truly known and loved.

But what if trust isn’t an easy thing for you? It’s not an easy thing for most of us, depending on our past experiences and how we view both ourselves and our relationships. There are a lot of reasons you might be finding it hard to trust people, but here is one of the big ones.

Your Hurt Is Holding You Back!

As we travel through this broken, beautiful world, we will be hurt and cause hurt. We often have many perfectly good reasons not to trust, based on our experiences and relationships.
If we don’t work through our hurt with Jesus, we let each hurt become a barricade to our hearts. Each experience with a flawed human becomes another reason not to trust. Unfortunately, all those barricades leave you ALONE—and it is not good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18)

We are called to forgive from the heart, clearing those barricades we’ve set up to guard ourselves. This might sound impossible, but Jesus is the expert at this. He’s walked this road in order to get to us, and He can lead you along it, too.

You were not made to have a hardened, barricaded heart. You were made to have a soft, compassionate, trusting heart that is filled and protected by the Holy Spirit!


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