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“Why Do You Smell Like That?”

| Worship

Mary’s devotion was a picture of her transformation. “The house,” we read, “was filled with the fragrance of the perfume” (John 12:3). It would have permeated the place and everyone in it. When those people went out from there following the meal, there must have been question after question: “Where have you been? Why do you smell like that?”

Knowing God leaves God’s fragrance on us. If have truly worshiped, then walk out, and nobody says, “Where in the world have you been?” then it’s a distinct possibility is that we weren’t involved in worship in the first place.

We must ask ourselves: “Is worshipping God transforming me?” If our lives don’t exude something of Jesus’ fragrance, then we need to ponder longer on the example of Mary’s devotion!


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