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When You’ve Been Hurt- Things To Remember When Rebuilding Trust and Your Life

| Choices

Even if you’ve gone through the powerful and beautiful process of forgiveness, that doesn’t erase the harm that was done. It also doesn’t mean you’re ready to trust again or be trusted again.

Trust is rebuilt without a timeline. You can only want to allow it. You can’t force it. Rebuilding trust will take time, effort, and patience.

You cannot rebuild trust on an empty tank. You can’t rebuild trust when YOU are running on empty.

Rebuilding trust takes a lot of effort and bravery. You will need others that you trust around you. Yes, first and foremost we need God, so keep in close communication with Him about it; He is your greatest resource in healing, in compassion, and in building trust.

You also need others. Talk with a trusted person about your process, and let them speak truth to you and support you. They can help protect you from falling into the victim trap, and encourage you when you get weary.

There is a massive difference between letting another support you in this process and gossiping about you. Let the right ones in, and let them love you back to life and help keep your cup full!


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