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When Trusting People Is Hard

| Relationships

There are a lot of reasons you might be finding it hard to trust people. In recent posts I have shared two possible reasons as to why it can be difficult.

1- Your hurt is holding you back.
2- You have unspoken expectations.

3- You believe you have to protect yourself.

This one is a deep and common root. Some were taught from their early childhood that they need to protect themselves from others. Serious issues of abuse and neglect are deeply harmful.

Sadly, many quickly internalize the understanding that they need to look out for themselves, protect, and not trust others—after all, they might just let us down.

In the process of not trusting, we learn how to have relationships that keep people at arm’s length, so we can still protect ourselves. We learn to love them “at a distance.”

We need to look out for ourselves. The difficult reality and understandably so, is this belief that others can’t be trusted doesn’t lead to deep, healthy, vulnerable relationships, and those relationships are what Jesus desires for us, as one of the main ways He intertwines His joy, fulfillment, purpose and peace into our lives!

I pray God will heal each heart that has been so broken!


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