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When Our Disgrace Is Big, God’s Grace Is Even Bigger

| Failure, God's Grace

If you are like me and have failed or fallen into disgrace, it’s not the end. Every crises can bring with it shame and disgrace.

We know that God is a God of restoration, redemption and reconciliation. He is not going to give up on us. Don’t let disgrace be the last chapter of your life, but let that chapter be the one that leads to the next great thing you could do in your life for the glory of God.

Failure is never final unless you make it final. Everyone fails, and most of us have tasted what it’s like to be shamed and disgraced, but let disgrace cause you to reach for a far bigger grace, God’s!

When our disgrace is big, God’s grace is even bigger. I know; I’ve been there, but the point is, I didn’t stay there and I pray you don’t either!

Words To The Weary… Hear these precious words: “I forgive you.” Those are words that our weary souls need to hear!


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