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What Looks Like An End May Be The Beginning

| Hope

Life for some in this “season” is hard. Preparation is hard. Change is hard. It’s easy to get discouraged. It‘s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to be self-absorbed. It’s easy to feel alone. It’s easy to think that no one understands what you are going through.

In your weakest, most vulnerable, seemingly helpless moment. When things seems so dark, don’t let go of God. He can make the darkest moments, the brightest moment. He can make your greatest defeat, your greatest victory.

Be careful how you make sense of your life. What looks like a disaster may, in fact, be grace. What looks like the end, may be the beginning. What looks hopeless may be God’s instrument to give you real and lasting hope.

God rules over every moment in your life, and in powerful grace, and He can do for you just what He did in redemptive history: take what seems so painful and turn it into something that is very, very good.

He takes the disasters in your life and makes them tools of redemption. He takes your failure and employs it as a tool of grace.

The most challenging things in your life become the sweetest tools of GRACE in His wise and LOVING hands!


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