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What Is Love?

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Well, there are a lot of things that we call love that don’t rise to the level of what love IS and what love DOES! Here are just a few examples:

*Tolerating things that are wrong in the eyes of God may create a comfortable surface peace, but it isn’t what love does.

*Saying, “It’s okay — don’t worry about it,” to a person who did something wrong is not really loving.

*Living inside of a circle of people pleasing and not making waves may cause people to like me, but it isn’t love.

*Refusing to step into tense moments with others because there is wrong between us that needs to be exposed and discussed isn’t love.

*Remaining silent when I should speak up isn’t love.

*Maintaining peace at any cost isn’t love.

Truth and love are inextricably bound together.

Love doesn’t turn its back on you. Love doesn’t mock you. Love doesn’t mean I turn the tables and work to make you hurt in the same way you have hurt me. Love doesn’t go passive and stay silent in the face of wrong.

No, loves moves toward you, in moving toward you, love is willing to make sacrifices and endure hardships so that you may be made right again and be reconciled to God and others.


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