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What Is Keeping You From Letting Go of Past Regrets?

| Hope

If we humbly and honestly look at our lives, we’ll be forced to conclude that we’re flawed humans. And yet we don’t have to beat ourselves up.

We don’t have to work to minimize or deny our failures. We don’t have to be defensive when our weaknesses are revealed. We don’t have to rewrite our own histories to make ourselves look better than we actually were. We don’t have to be paralyzed by remorse and regret.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can stare our deepest, darkest failures in the face and be unafraid? Isn’t it comforting that we can honestly face our most regretful moments and not be devastated? Isn’t it amazing that we can confess that we’ve failed and be neither fearful or depressed? Isn’t it wonderful that we can do all of these things because we have learned that our hope in life isn’t in the purity of our character or the perfection of our performance.

We can face it because we know God really does exist and He is a God of mercy, unfailing love, and great compassion. Because He is, there is hope, hope of forgiveness and new beginnings!


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