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What God Saw in a Murderer

| God's Grace

Man looks at the outside and sees failure and weakness as God looks at the inside and sees wisdom and grace, justice and integrity, mercy and goodness, and a hope born in the Spirit of Christ. He sees the vulnerabilities and abilities of each and every one of us as His child.

There are endless possibilities in every believer and God knows the hidden talent in every one of us. Many times we think that we can predict and know what someone might be capable of in their lives but only God knows their full potential.

The Apostles were very skeptical of Saul (Paul). When he first appeared the Disciples they were extremely apprehensive of him as Saul had been threatening openly to murder them. It was Barnabas that God used to open the eyes of the Disciples as he assumed the truth of his conversion became Saul’s help and advocate before man. (Acts 9:26-27)

Maybe God can place you beside someone who others doubt, that needs a helping hand to develop their faith in Christ. Maybe you can be the one that God uses to believe in them when everyone else abandons them and loses faith in them.


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