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What Forgiveness Requires

| Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an investment in your relationship with God and in your relationship with others. As with all investments, there’s cost involved. In any investment you make, your concern is that the return will be greater than the cost.

So it’s important to consider the requirements of forgiveness for you and your relationships. Here is one of those investments; Forgiveness Requires Humility.

It’s only when we really do believe that life is bigger than us, that there’s something more important than our wants, needs, and feelings, and that we’ve been given life and breath for the purposes, plans, and praise of Another, that we’ll be willing to forgive.

When pride allows us to think of ourselves as righteous, surely more righteous than others – then it’s hard for us to forgive.

Forgiveness is much easier for the person who lives consciously of the reality of how much he also needs to be forgiven. Nobody gives grace better than someone who’s convinced he needs it as well.


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