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What Does Love Mean?

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“Lord, I love the way you so generously forgive me my sins.” “Lord, do you likewise forgive others when they harm or offend you?”

“Lord, I love that you provide for my needs so completely.” “Lord, do you likewise give help to people when they have needs you can satisfy?”

“Lord, I love how patient you are with my foolish questions and ideas.” “Lord, are you likewise patient with the foolish people around you?”

“Lord, I love that you died for me even though I did not deserve it.” “Lord, do you likewise seek out those who do not deserve your help so you may sacrifice for them?”

“Lord, I love how you always comfort me when I am sad or lonely.” “Lord, are you likewise willing to make your activities wait so that you may spend sufficient time with those who need your comfort?”

To say we love God when we are then unwilling to imitate Him in our own behavior is to proclaim our own condemnation.


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