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We All Love Comeback Stories.

| Forgiveness

I recently shared in my post that I believe God is going to engineer the greatest of comebacks in the days ahead! This Sunday, I will begin a series on this very subject. Until then, I pray this post encourages every single person who is emotionally tired and here is why.

There are NO comebacks without setbacks. Setbacks are apart of life. Every one of us has them because we are HUMAN! A setback is never intended to punish you, it’s actually there to prepare you for the future God has for you.

One of the NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS of setbacks is they can EMOTIONALLY drain you. So you have nothing left in the tank to deal with life situations. You just feel emotionally drained and running on fumes, with nothing left to give. One of the enemy’s tactics.

On Sunday I will address this in depth. If you are emotionally tired. Please join us online or in person. (Even though seating is limited, we have an overflow area where you can even drink coffee, actually I may be in there as well. Ha)


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