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Ugly Behavior Reveals The Ugly Condition of The Heart!

| Forgiveness

No matter how you spin it, forgiveness is costly. Regardless of how big or small the offense, canceling a debt and absorbing the cost is going to hurt. The parable in Matthew 18, shows us that not forgiving also has a price, and it is higher than the price forgiveness demands.

This is where we must let the truth override our feelings since it often feels good to hold onto an offense.

Jesus clearly says that an abiding unwillingness to forgive will cost you eternally! God will treat you the same way you treat others. An rooted refusal to forgive is a sign that you have not known God’s amazing forgiveness yourself.

Also, holding onto an offense will make you a bitter and unloving person, and you will unavoidably damage all your relationships. No matter which way you choose, you will pay a price. Which price are you willing to pay?


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