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Two Words You Will Never Hear, “Go Away!”

| Love

So many are hurting while secretly dealing with pain and discomfort in a season that demands a smile. What offers me hope? What offers me courage?

It’s as real to me as my next breath. There is one thing I know for certain despite all the uncertainty.

Two words I will never hear Him say, “Go Away”. He will never look you in the eye and say, “Go Away.” He will never, ever, ever, send you away.

He will not send you and me from His presence. He will lead you and me into His grace. He will not eliminate His promises from us.

These two words are the reason to get up in the morning and never give up. Yes, we will face discouragement, weakness, loneliness and fear, and you will never hear Him say, “go away!”

In this dark and fallen world people need our Cross-Shaped love, and so do you.


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