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Trust Is Rebuilt Without A Timeline

| Relationships


We pretend that it didn’t happen. We put bury the pain for years. We smile and pretend nothing is wrong. It all catches up to you. Even if you’ve gone through the powerful and beautiful process of forgiveness, that doesn’t erase the hurt or harm that was done. It also doesn’t mean you’re ready to trust again.

Trust is rebuilt without a timeline. You can only want to allow it. You can’t coerce it. Rebuilding trust will take time, effort, and patience. There is no formula for it. It’s different for every person and every situation.

One way to rebuild is, BE WHERE YOU ARE!

Pretending like you feel differently than you do won’t help. Avoidance is not the answer. Pretending like everything is back to normal, if it’s not, will only delay the real healing. This can be really hard for those of us that struggle to believe that our feelings matter. We may want to just gloss over them or pretend they aren’t there.

Jesus sees you, and He cares deeply for your pain. You are worthy of being exactly where you are!


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