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True love.

| Faith, Love

There’s a lot of hopelessness in the world but God’s love brings certain hope…LOVE can always conquer whatever trouble brings, and love will cover over a multitude of sins. Don’t ever underestimate what sincere love can do. If it comes from God eternal, He offers strength anew. When life is cold and grim; when hope has fled and died, LOVE can breathe new meaning and keep us satisfied.

Love will see you through when it seems that all is lost. It brings fresh hope and peace, because Jesus paid the cost. Love always finds a way, no matter what the price, and its power is so much greater when we trust Him with our life! When a lawyer asked Jesus about the greatest commandment, He answered simply: “Love the Lord your God with everything you’ve got… and love other people as much as you love yourself!”

Why did Jesus say that we should love God first? Because all selfless love comes from God the Father, the second part (loving others) relies on the first part (loving God)!


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