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To Every Hurting Mother

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When God gave gifts, He absolutely gave one of the best to women. But it’s precisely because motherhood is so precious yet, Mother’s Day can be so painful for many mom’s.

My own mother passed away 7 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. Every year on Mother’s Day, I feel the emptiness of her not being here.

This Mother’s Day, while many are being celebrated (rightfully so), there are many moms who will suffer in silence, knowing others don’t want to hear their suffering.

Women who have no children. Women who have lost children. Women who are so frustrated with their families they may wish they weren’t mothers at all. Children who have lost mothers. Children whose mothers were not wonderful.

On this day of great celebration and honor, there is a terrible danger and a wonderful opportunity to remember these suffering hearts and to remind them how much we and Jesus love them, a love that might just redeem an otherwise awful day. Remember them, and say a prayer of healing for their broken hearts.


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