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Those Little Devices In Our Purses and Pockets

| Communication

These Little Devices In Our Purses and Pockets…

We live in the noise of thousands of voices. We carry that little device that connects us to thousands of opinions on thousands of topics every single day. Self-appointed influencers tell us how we should think and how we should react. No topic is untouched. It seems as if everybody has something to say about everything. This can create confusion, and we know confusion is not healthy.

We desperately need something in our lives that can cut through the noise of everyone’s opinions, help us to think correctly, and respond properly to the things that we are now facing and will face down the road.

I love how God speaks of His own truth in Proverbs 1, “To know wisdom and instruction, to understand words of insight, to receive instruction in wise dealing, in righteousness, justice, and equity; to give prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the youth— Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance, to understand a proverb and a saying, the words of the wise and their riddles. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Prov 1:2–7)


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