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Think You’ve Got Problems?

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Difficulties in life are nothing new. Sometimes when we are going through rough times, we feel like we have been deserted by God, or think God doesn’t care, or think He is unfair.

There are going to be times when we are afraid for ourselves. There are going to be times when we think we won’t make it. But I am here to say that we will make it because God will save us and pull us through. God wants us to know that no matter how hard the situation is, He is here and ready to achieve victory on our behalf.

Think you have it rough? Really? Try these on for size:

Daniel, Joseph and Moses, as bad as things have become at times, I have never been fed to the lions, nor thrown into a well, to be left for dead. I have never been sold to slavery or chased by armed soldiers who want to end my life.

When we are angry and face hardships, we may think He isn’t hearing our cries for help. We must trust in Him and know He is carrying us. When the hurdle is over, we will be able to look back and see what He saw, to realize that He knew what was best for us, at the time.

Trust Him, because we can’t fix our own problems. Through my own trials and tribulations, that is one thing I have figured out. When we let Him take control, make the memories and write the chapters in our books of life, everything works out for the good.

Look to Jesus—He will finish it for you!


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