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The Instruments God Intends To Use

| Worship

The good things God has done for us are not meant to be kept for ourselves; we are the instruments God intendeds to use. He lavishes us with grace and blessing so that they can do the same for others in His name.

This Is Our Ministry and Worship- This may sound strange, but whenever you serve other people, you are not just serving them.

You are serving the King, and that is worship. Love for Jesus will always extend itself to others.

Thankfulness to Jesus will always result in sharing our blessings with others.

Enjoying the benefits of His forgiveness will always express itself in forgiveness to others.

Gratitude for God’s loving pursuit will always lead us to pursue others, even when they don’t want to be pursued.

Worship recognizes that our good relationships do not belong to us, but to Him.

Our worship and theology will always be on display in the way we treat others.
Jesus closed the gap between our vertical and horizontal relationships with these startling and humbling words in Matthew 25:34-40.

Read It- Think It- Pray It- Live It!


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