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The heart of manipulation.

| Choices, Relationships

Don’t Let Them Manipulate You!

Manipulation is a way of getting what we want (and controlling people to do what we want) through underhanded means: deception, guilt, anger, flattery or some other way of taking advantage of their weakness. The heart of manipulation is, “Give me the steering wheel” — it’s a desire for control, usually over people, but sometimes over circumstances too.

We’ve probably all met people who are master manipulators. They look at people as puppets and they feel the need to pull the strings. We all can be guilty of subtle forms of manipulation, like putting on an image to make people think a certain way about us or flattering people to get them to do things for us.

We all want our hands on the steering wheel. God in His love will bring us to a place where we see that when we control things, we mess things up.


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