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The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed- “It Is Finished!”

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I never stop believing, but sometimes I stop praying. There is no reason why. Life gets busy, I am tired, excuse after excuse, it just happens. That is until I run into problems. Then I pray.

Many times we pray out of desperation, when our heart is broken within us. We choke out words of sadness looking for mercy from God. Our voice cracks as we are burdened by sorrow. It is at those times when we are trying to pray instead of praying.

The greatest prayer ever prayed consisted of only three words. Such is the power of communion with God.

In praying to God we seek Him to recognize us, we want to be found. We want to be seen by Him. We want our words to have weight as we sometimes reach out in unfamiliarity, trying to find the right words that might catch God’s ear as we present our small offering of prayer.

In His greatest moment of pain and distress as Jesus hung upon the cross, He too searched for the words as He hung there; struggling with sorrow, engulfed in suffering He choked out the words and offered them up to the Father. “It is finished.” The greatest prayer ever prayed. Three fragile, yet powerful words offered up to God, changed everything from the beginning of time throughout all eternity.

Those three words spoken in His greatest despair will rescue us in ours. So spend time with Jesus, learn to spend time with Him, as the words ‘it is finished’ also pertains to your prayers offered up to God.


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