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The End Isn’t The Most Painful… (Not An Easy Topic)

| Choices

People change, relationships change, and sometimes sadly the relationship ends. The end of a relationship is also the chance to start a new. If I were to ask you what you find the most painful in a relationship, what would you say? Is it betrayal, uncertainty, or rather feeling useless or unloved?

Relationships begin and sometimes end. It’s all a process! In those valuable moments, we get the chance to take a step back and assess. If we feel like the relationship is damaged beyond repair and want to leave, ending a relationship is also a new beginning.

In every ending, there is also a chance. The chance to get to know ourselves in a whole new way. A chance to seek God and work on yourself. The most painful thing isn’t losing a painful relationship; it’s losing yourself in a relationship. Both are painful losses but at what price.

It’s shocking how many people cling on to toxic relationships, but I understand why they do. They put so much time, money and effort into trying to make something work that is broken, unhealthy, and can’t be fixed — sometimes trying for years to keep something alive that isn’t there. It’s hard to stay, it’s hard to go, but feeling stuck is the worst!

If change is ever going to take place, it has to begin with an honest confession of wrongs done, followed by an honest and humble asking for forgiveness and granting forgiveness. If you’re refusing to admit you wronged the other person, and/or refusing to let their wrongs go, you won’t get unstuck.


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