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The Diagnosis and Cure- Relationships…

| Relationships

The Bible gives a different diagnosis and cure to relationships. In James 4, (with the rest of Scripture) reminds us that our real problem is inside us.

People who crave success view others as either a means or a threat to their agenda.

People who crave comfort are excited about easy relationships and annoyed by difficult ones.

People who crave control are threatened by strength and gravitate to weakness.

People who crave material things shun relationships that hinder their pursuit.

Do you see what happens when something other than the living God rules your heart? There is no way to get around the profound truth in James 4:1.

Whenever the things you want become more important than God, your relationships suffer. Even when you make relationships more important than God, your relationships suffer!

Sin blinds us to our dependence upon God, turns us inward, and causes us to either fear or exploit others.


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