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The Dark “Benefits” of Unforgiveness (2)

| Forgiveness

I pray this post continues to encourage. Here are a few more of the dark “benefits” of unforgiveness.

Debt Is Entitlement- Because of all the other person’s wrongs against us, they owes us. Carrying these wrongs makes us feel deserving and therefore comfortable with being self-focused and demanding.

Debt Is Weaponry- The sins and failures that another’s done against us, that we still carry around with us, are like a loaded gun; it’s very tempting to pull them out and use them when we’re angry. When someone’s hurt us in some way, it’s very tempting to hurt them back by throwing it in their face just how evil and immature they are.

We have all been seduced by the power of unforgiveness. We’ve all used the sin of another against them. We’ve all acted as judges. We have all used the power of guilt to get what we want when we want it and in so doing have not only done serious damage to those important relationships, but have demonstrated how much we need forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the only way to not be kidnapped by the past. It’s the only way to give your relationships the blessing of fresh starts and new beginnings!


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