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The Danger Of Worshiping The Past and Pain

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Yesterday talking to my friend Herb while we were driving, we share how everyone in this life will experience, “unexpected hiccups”. If you haven’t yet, you will in time. None of us will go through this life living it perfectly. Be careful not to point fingers.

No matter the hiccups, no matter the pain, no matter the past, don’t allow your past or pain become your identity or worship.

We are created to be worshipers of God, and in all our failing, don’t allow walls to be built up between the One who loves you and created you for Himself. Some worship the past and the pain, don’t kneel before it and offer up your fractured heart on it, singing hymns to the hurt.

Don’t forget that some of the sweetest anthems of worship were sung after broken hearts were poured out of those whose who had nothing left to give but their hearts!

Each day, I must renew my focus on this relationship of dependence on the Author of life. “He himself gives life and breath to everything” (Acts 17:25).


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