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The Context Of Your Life Is Not A Situation Or Location

| Hope

“Our Father in heaven…” (Matt. 6:9).

Prayer reminds you that you are never left alone to the resources of your own strength and wisdom.

The context of your life is not a situation or a location.
The context of your life is a person.
The context of your life is God.
He is above, around, below, and in you.
He created everything that makes up your existence.

He controls every situation and relationship you are in. It is his power that keeps you and your world together. He has written the story of your life from beginning to endless end.

He alone offers the help that reaches to the deepest areas of your personal and relational need. He is the rightful owner of you, your life, and your relationships.
He is the conceiver and creator of your all that makes up your world, and because He is, He is best able to diagnose what is broken and to heal what is broken.

He surrounds you with His love and bathes you in His grace. It really is that “in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). God is the context of your life.


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