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The Colors of Redemption

| God's Grace

Painters tend to have a color palette that they regularly work with. Let’s consider the color palette of John 3:16 that Jesus used to paint the story of His redemptive work for all believers.

The Primary “Colors” of the Grace of Redemption!

1- The Color of Love- “For God so loved the world…” These may be the most amazing words ever written. Without this love, there would be no redemption story. Without this love, humanity would have no hope. You and I have life because God’s response to us is colored with LOVE.

2- The Color of Generosity- “…that he gave…” Hope and change never begin with us, but with what these three powerful words capture. Hope and change start with the boundless generosity of God toward people who actually deserve his wrath. Everyday you and I live in the blessings of lives that are colored by the generosity of the Lord.

3- The Color of Sacrifice- “…his only Son…” God sent Him for one purpose: to be the Lamb of Sacrifice. Without his perfect life and without his perfect sacrifice, there would be no forgiveness of sin and no acceptance with God. We’re the children of God because the canvas of redemption is colored with the blood of sacrifice.

4- The Color of Life- “that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life…” What’s the result of the boundless love, the limitless generosity, and the willing sacrifice of the Lord? Life – eternal life! We all stand in desperate need of divine intervention because there’s nothing that we can do to earn or deserve life. The final color painted on the canvas of redemption is the beautiful color of eternal life.

What an amazing painting, painted on the canvas of Nicodemus!

Nicodemus came under the cover of darkness, yet his name, and more importantly, the words that he heard – shine as a bright light down through the generations by all who believe.

Isn’t it amazing what God can do with a little faith at night?


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