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The Best Use Of Things Is To Bless People

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We’ve heard someone complain and say, Christmas is all about money and materialism? Although this can be true of some, the person saying this may not properly understand why people give Christmas gifts.

At the first Christmas, the Magi gave Jesus gifts of incomparable worth, but it’s easy to miss what they were really saying to God in the process.

“These are the most valuable things the world has to offer, and we eagerly part with them to honor the one Gift from You the world cannot match.”

Rather than being materialists, the Magi were actually declaring the worthlessness of material goods compared with God. They were thanking God for what He had given us all.

Every year we thank the people who show us love by giving them valuables, which don’t compare with the real worth they contribute into our lives.

People matter more than things, and the best use of things is to bless such people! Love people, use things. Not the other way around!


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