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Stop God-Lipping

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One of the biggest obstacles to understanding the Bible is ALREADY understanding the Bible.

Let me explain. We somehow make an interpretation of a passage that isn’t necessarily wrong, but misses the main point and keeps us convinced enough to stop looking for the main point. For example, Exodus 20:7 the Third Commandment says, “You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain…” You shall not take (carry) the Lord’s name in vain.

People generally think this means to not swear, which unfortunately leads to believe they are satisfying it, as long as they don’t say, “Jesus,” and other words (insert angry emoji) with the wrong tone of voice.

Actually, the real thing forbidden here is religious hypocrisy; saying you follow God but are living like you don’t. You’re vainly attaching God’s Name to your life precisely when that life denies God’s Lordship over you, like an ambassador who dishonors his home country.

Once you see this as the main point of the Commandment, it becomes easier to explain why Jesus was so furious with the God-lipping (but not God-living) religious leaders of His day…Leaders who probably never spoke God’s Name the wrong way even one time in their whole lives!


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