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Remembering Who God Is

| Worship

Worship is intimately intertwined with who we are as human beings. I am not talking about the formal religious activities. Worship is first an identity before it becomes an activity.

Meaning, you and I are worshipers, which is why we worship. Our hearts are always under the control of something, and whatever controls your heart will control your behavior.

Jesus, explains that whatever we worship will become the thing that controls us. He uses a wonderful word to explain the connection: “treasure.” A treasure is something with assigned value. That’s why the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” (Matt 6)

This has many implications for relationships, because only when I am worshiping God for who He is, am I able to love you as you are.

Real love and esteem for other people are always rooted in our worship of God!


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