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Relationships; Big on grace, quick to forgive, hard to break!

| Relationships

This should be true of all relationships, but especially Christian relationships. It’s beyond me how quickly relationships become disposable.

One of the most important things about building healthy relationships is realizing that other people are valuable. The principle of value tells me that I need to value others. I need to value their place, their position, and the investment they’ve made in my life.

The principle of value, if honored, will protect your future. Many refuse to honor, refuse to esteem, and refuse to sow into the lives of others, because they think that it’s somehow degrading. This is the reason why so many people feel so alone. They haven’t regarded others as being valuable.

Embrace the principle of VALUE in your relationships. Begin placing an importance, value and dignity on the lives of others. Until you recognize the value of a relationship, you will not be given access to a relationship.


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