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Relational Investments

| Relationships

We are all treasure hunters. We all live to gain, maintain, keep, and enjoy things that are valuable to us. Our behavior in any given situation of life is our attempt to get what is valuable to us out of that situation.

There are things in your life to which you have assigned importance, and once you have, you are no longer willing to live without them (these principles are laid out in Matthew 6:19–33).

Everyone does it. We live to possess and experience the things on which we’ve set our hearts. We’re always living for some kind of treasure.

Every treasure you set your heart on and actively seek will give you some kind of return.

If you argue the other person into a corner, it’s not likely the return on that investment will be appreciation.

If you invest in the treasure of serving, you‘ll experience the return of appreciation, respect, and a deeper friendship.

If it’s more valuable to have control than it is for them to feel heard, loved and understood, then you’ll live with the return of that in the quality of your relationship.

Investment is inescapable; you do it every day, and it’s hard to get away from the return on the investments you’ve made.


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