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No Relationship Is Free of Disappointment…

| Relationships

We live in a world of much suffering and loss. We live in a world of violence and war, surely not the handiwork of the Prince of Peace. We live in a world where lust and greed motivate hearts, not what God intended the heart to do. We live in a world where all of these things touch all of our lives.

No relationship is free of disappointment. No location is free of difficulty. No moment in our lives exists untouched by the fall.

Much of the disappointment we face is that we’ve carried unrealistic expectations into the situations and relationships. Unrealistic expectations lead to a lack of preparation, which cause us to react rather than act carefully.

Unrealistic expectations cause each of us to live more independently and self-sufficiently than we ever should. In reality, we’re all in need of daily forgiveness, and empowering grace.


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