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My declaration to love people back to life!

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This is my declaration to love people back to life again. I will love people regardless of color, regardless of creed, or past deeds. I will pursue every prompting of the Holy Spirit regardless of the personal cost or loss of comfort to me.

I will give whatever it takes to rescue and restore people who have been broken, bruised, abused and victimized. I will no longer fear darkness but instead I will have faith that the life in me is enough to penetrate the darkness that is around me.

I will admit that the church is not just a place for the socially accepted. Nor, is it a country club for Christians to desire to simply dwell with those of their own kind.

I believe the church is the hospital for the sick, the refuge for the rejected, and the life university that prepares leaders to impact their society and culture. This is my declaration: to love people back to life again. This is how I will serve my generation until Jesus comes back again.

This is your time. This is your hour. This is your destiny.


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