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Mercy Identifies With The Miserable In Their Misery…

| Mercy

What Is Mercy? Is it not compassion for those in need? Mercy deals with the results of sin (pain, misery, and distress).

Mercy extends relief, it helps, and cures with reference to judgment, it withholds what is deserved.

This kind of mercy for those in pain is most powerfully portrayed in Luke 10:25-37 with the Good Samaritan.

Notice the Samaritan “felt compassion” for the man who fell among robbers, was stripped, beaten and left half-dead. And out of that compassion he invested his own time, cloth, oil, wine, transportation, and money.

The man was obviously a complete stranger to the Samaritan and he didn’t necessarily deserve all that help. But the Samaritan let mercy (deep feeling and sympathy) lead to grace (giving to help).


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