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Meaning Makers… This Is Us.

| Relationships

Human beings are meaning makers. We are constantly searching for answers and seeking meaning and purpose for the events and activities in our lives.

We suffer, struggle, achieve or rest, we ask ourselves, consciously or subconsciously, “What is the point? What’s the purpose? What does it all mean?”

Everyday, as we try to make sense of our lives, we are all crying out for some kind of change. Our days are mixed. We smile and laugh, but before the day is over we may also frown, yell, or cry. We spend much of our time dreaming about what could be.

Often our desires for change aren’t fundamentally wrong; they just don’t run deep enough. The Bible confronts us with a hard-to-accept reality: The change most needed in our lives isn’t change in our situations and relationships but in us.

The thing God is most focused on rescuing us from, is ourselves. God knows that what messes up relationships and situations is people, and people are the object of His loving and lifelong work of change!


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